Hair & Make up

Hair & Make up

Hair & Make up

Whether you seek a great haircut that is easy to maintain, a flattering hair color, treatment, or just the right makeup for the occasion, every element of your appearance should inspire confidence. Let our experts help you get the look you dreamed about. We offer a complete range of services from haircuts to wardrobe consulting to help you achieve and maintain your unique image.


Hair Style & Coloring

  • Women haircut$25
  • Custom color$35+
  • Highlights/low-lightFull $99+ Partial $69+
  • BalayageFull $100+ Partial $79+
  • Hair extensionsPrices varies


Hair Smoothing & Treatments

Our treatments are individually prescribed to bring about specular shine and vitality to your hair. There is a specific treatment for every scalp condition from oily scalp, lack of shine, irritated flaky scalp to thinning or hair loss.

  • Keratin treatment $99+
  • Moe hair treatment $75+


$250 per treatment

These injections effectively stimulate hair follicles with powerful growth factors to generate new hair growth and make your existing hair stronger. This treatment also acts as an antidote to help prevent further hair loss.

Bridal Service & Complementary Consultation

Whether you’re tearing up the dance floor at prom or walking down the aisle to the man of your dreams, our hair and makeup team will provide the look you’ve always wanted. Our team is ready to pamper you and your crew using the latest trends, top-of-the-line hair and makeup products and provide a relaxing, stress-free environment. Plus, we’ve included a consultation session so you can provide your vision prior to the big event. We couple our skills with your ideas to create a look that is absolutely breathtaking! This is your day – all you need to do is have fun, enjoy the moment and leave the rest to us.

Hair extensions

Weight 50gr for $199
Weight 100gr $299

We offer the best hair extensions, 100% human hair extensions – let us make you look your Best!

Tape-In hair can last for 8 weeks, with our Tape-In extensions, your hair will grow normal. That’s why it’s important to come in for touch ups every 8 weeks so we can adjust the wefts by moving them closer to the scalp. Removing Tape-In extensions is easy without harm your hair with Tape-In Bond Remover. This oil-based solution helps break down the Gelatin adhesive, so the bonds loosen. After the solution has been applied for a few seconds, we can gently slide the Tape-Ins out of your hair & moving them closer to the scalp

Japanese Hair Treatment


A treatment that helps protect, fortify, and condition the relaxed hair during the service to create soft, shiny, well-conditioned results.

Conditioning cream smoothing system. Opti smooth system utilizes latest Thio technology now enriched with pro-keratin for increased fiber respect. This system is enhanced with a unique interim treatment that contains a patented ceramide molecule, which helps protect, fortify, and condition the relaxed hair during the service to create soft, shiny, well-conditioned results.

How It Works

The Japanese hair straightening process is extensive, taking at least 3 to 4 hours. It can girl hair straightened take up to 8 hours depending on the length, thickness, and condition of the hair being treated. The key to this method of hair straightening is the special solution that chemically alters the bonds which give shape to the individual strands of hair. This allows for the hair to be permanently straightened.

Immediately following the procedure, you will have to keep your hair dry and free from all kinks for 48 to 72 hours. This means no ponytail holders, hair clips, hats, or combs of any kind. During this time there may still be chemical residue inside the shaft of the individual hairs. Pressure on the hair could cause a bend that will not go away. Even tucking and leaving hair behind the ear could result in a distortion.