LIPO Laser Body Contouring Shimaa November 13, 2019

LIPO laser  Body Contouring

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Our Lipo Laser Body Contouring treatment uses high-intensity, focused sound waves to disrupt fat cells, causing them to dissolve gradually over time. Ultrasound therapy for excess fat removal has been approved by the FDA.

Why choose non-invasive procedures for excess fat?

Ideal candidates are relatively fit but have some stubborn body fat that cannot be easily reduced by diet or exercise. In addition to fat removal, radiofrequency therapy can be used to tighten the skin by targeting collagen with energy. Other benefits include: Minimal recovery time, Non-invasive & Minimal pain

What to expect after the procedure?

Non-invasive procedures to remove excess fat involve minimal recovery time; patients can resume their normal activities the same day.

Non-invasive therapies typically require multiple treatment sessions.

Patients will observe a visible decrease in fat bulges in two to four months.