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The Shimaa Academy is the perfect place to get you started on a path to a career in cosmetology or to advance your skills in the area.  The family atmosphere will welcome you and make you feel as you have always belonged.

An amazing career in high-demand with nearly unlimited opportunities is just waiting for you to take the first step.  Receiving your training a quality school sets the standard high and encourages you to aim even higher for your future.



Our cosmetology course combines theory with extensive hands on experience to provide you with a complete understanding of beauty and wellness.


Our Esthetics program prepares you for a future as a skin care specialist. Every graduate will be trained in facials, waxing, makeup application, wellness and retail knowledge

Cosmetic Laser

This intensive, hands on Cosmetic Laser & Certification Training will give a comprehensive overview of how cosmetic Lasers/IPL work and how they are used.


Our Skincare are designed to provide licensed skin care professionals additional knowledge that they may apply to their spa business.

Injection Courses

Our 1 to 2 day courses are perfect for enhancing your knowledge and advancing your career.
We offer courses in all the most popular non-surgical & non-invasive injectable procedures.

Class A Barber to Cosmetology

Already a state licensed Class A Barber but want to up your hair, color, and cut game? If you've got the drive, we're here to help you get there.

Lash Extension

This 320 hour program of technical instruction covers all practices of attaching threadlike extensions to individual eyelashes.


Our cosmetology course combines theory with extensive hands on experience to provide you with a complete understanding of beauty and wellness. The program includes hair cutting, color, texture services, nail care, makeup application, business development, retail knowledge and the concept of gaining and retaining clients.


The Cosmetology course is a program that has instructor-led classroom and clinical training as well as practical hands-on application. Training encompasses three types of learning: theoretical knowledge, the foundation of the students’ education; practical experience, the application of knowledge; and professional business building skills, vital for the student’s success. Each phase of the student’s education emphasizes a different combination of learning approaches. The Cosmetology program is comprised of hair and scalp treatments, hair care rinses, hair shaping, hair arranging, chemical waving and relaxing, hair coloring, facials, skin care, hair removal, manicuring/pedicuring, professional business-building skills in management and career development, and employability skills


Our Esthetics program prepares you for a future as a skin care specialist.  Every graduate will be trained in facials, waxing, makeup application, business development, wellness and retail knowledge.


The Esthetics program includes theory, practice, and clinical study of skin care. Students will learn how to provide a complete Spa Experience using various products in skin care, makeup, wax techniques, and other treatments.  Graduates who complete this program will be prepared to take the required state examinations to become licensed.  Licensed graduates are eligible to work in salons and spas that offer full service skin care treatments


At the Shimaa Academy of Cosmetology, we provide a wide range of medical aesthetics courses to help our customers receive the best education and practice possible and help better their businesses and grow their career. By attending these courses, you will give yourself the education and tools necessary to grow your customer base and provide the best service possible.


Broadly speaking, aesthetic medicine is the specialty that deals with the modification of an individual’s physical appearance for any number of reasons. The scope of aesthetic medicine ranges from invasive procedures such as reconstructive surgery to non-invasive procedures that do not require general anesthesia. Over the past few years there has been an increased demand for non-invasive cosmetic procedures, with millions of Botox procedures performed each year. Other non-invasive treatments that have increased in popularity in recent years include sclerotherapy, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and hyaluronic acid fillers. To meet the increased demand for aesthetic procedures, medical professionals have been expanding their scope of practice by obtaining certifications in aesthetic medicine. We offer industry leading Botox and dermal filler courses and more

Cosmetic Laser Certification

This intensive, hands on Cosmetic Laser & Certification Training will give a comprehensive overview of how cosmetic lasers/IPL. With these courses, you will fully grasp all types of cosmetic lasers, their pros and cons, and other types of conditions each laser can treat effectively.

Laser Hair Removal Core Curriculum


The 1st step is to take the Texas required 40-Hour Laser Hair Removal course from a Texas approved educational provider – such as the Shimaa Academy. This course is the fundamental class of instruction to learn the necessary considerations for providing safe and effective laser hair removal procedures.


After the completion of your 40-Hour class, the progression to becoming a Technician and then a Senior Technician is simply completed by performing or supervising 100 Treatments, respectively. You must submit an application to TDLR following the completion of each level’s requirements and receive your updated license prior to beginning the steps necessary to advancing to the next level registration.


In this level, it is required that you observe 100 Treatments be performed by an apprentice. At completion, student will receive 4 log sheet with a state application to mail to the state to obtain the Senior Technician License. Once you have received your Senior License you will need to take your Professional Laser Technician test.


This is the final, highest level. In this level, it is required to take a written exam. Once you have completed the exam and reached a passing grade, you will receive a Professional Laser Technician certificate. To obtain your Professional Laser Technician License from the state you must mail a copy of your certificate along with the application and state processing fees.


The Shimaa Academy of Cosmetology is focused on teaching courses in the areas of skin care aesthetic treatments. Students can earn certifications in  Cosmetic Injectables and Skin Care Aesthetics such as chemical peels, microneedling, IPL photofacial, hydracial and body contouring just to name a few.



The Shimaa Academy of Cosmetology’s facial injection courses provide the most extensive non-surgical and non-invasive facial injectable training.  Register today to begin your career or advance your training!


Class A Baber to Cosmetology

Already a state licensed Class A Barber but want to up your hair, color, and cut game? If you’ve got the drive to take your skills to the next level we’re here to help you get there.  At the Shimaa Academy of Cosmetology we’ll teach you how to get even better at what you love by bringing you from a Barber to a Cosmetologist.


This course concentrates on enhancing your skills, additional lash service add-ons & an introduction to Volume!Aswell as, you will gain confidence and speed as you learn additional techniques for perfect bonding and isolation, efficiency, and design. You will be provided tips and strategies for working with challenging lashes and challenging situations. This class offers you more personalized instruction from the instructor and includes additional observation time whereby you benefit from watching the instructor apply lash extensions at expert speed and receive encouraging, instructive feedback as she observes you applying the lashes. You will also be shown additional lash services that can increase your income beyond initial full sets and fills. This will include being introduced to Two-Tone Colored lashes, Lower Lashes and Volume! This course will set you apart from other lash artists having a larger variety of services on your “Lash Menu”. She will demonstrate how to make custom-made lash fans, as well as placing pre-made lash fans. You will be volume lashing by the time you leave this course!





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Shimaa Cosmetology School

Here at Shimaa Cosmetology School we strive to provide an opportunity to pursue a career in the Art and Sciences of Cosmetology. It is our passion to help build a foundation in our practice that will prepare our students for a phenomenal journey leading to high success and self-esteem in Cosmetology. We will work together to reach a high-quality experience and a rewarding profession.



Driven by her passion for cosmetics, Shimaa started at an early age, pursuing her beloved career. She earned her first certificate from Baghdad , Iraq in 2000. She moved to Amman in Jordan to continue her advanced studies and graduated in 2007, she then moved to the USA to continue her studies in Beauty School in 2008. Her excellent performance was recognized by her instructors. She earned her Cosmetology license and certificate in 2011 as a specialist in Permanent Make-up. Shimaa then ventured into the business world and started her own Cosmetology center named “Shimaa Beauty Center” which specializes in Hair treatment, Laser services, Slimming services, Teeth whitening, Botox and Filler treatments. Shimaa is passionate in her field, and encourages others to delve into the Cosmetology world.

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