IV Drip Shimaa November 8, 2022


for Glowing Skin


IV drips have changed the beauty scene in the world for being one of the quickest ways to get your beauty boost.

When it comes to achieving glass-like glowing skin, shortcuts are always welcome. Some of these supposed shortcuts are as easy as counting from one to 10 and achieving the skin of your dreams. Face mask for instance gives you an extraordinary glow within 15 minutes. Chemical peels do wonders for the skin too, especially the ones that contain ingredients like salicylic acid, vitamin E and C, hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid among other ingredients even though it is best to let your dermatologist recommend the one for you. One of the key players on the beauty field lately for your skin is surprisingly IV drips. One would imagine these as a staple in hospitals to hydrate patients and replenish nutrients lost from the body but who knew these will soon become a quick way to boost your skin.

How Do IV Drips Work?

As one would imagine, when any form of liquid is intravenously injected in the system, essential vitamins and nutrients reach the right organs rapidly unlike supplements that break down and then get absorbed to the said organs. In basic terminology, an IV drip bypasses the entire process of digestion altogether to get a natural glow from within as quickly as possible. It’s the same logic doctors inject antibiotics to a patient in a hospital, only difference being it is done for the skin here. Many skin targeted drips include minerals like magnesium and zinc, B-complex vitamins, and vitamin C that promote younger and brighter looking skin.

How Do IV Drips Impact the Skin?

IV drips are beneficial in many ways. Vitamin deficiencies are a common phenomenon which can cause skin issues, hair fall, brittle nails and so on. External supplements like creams, serums and soaps among other products only provide temporary relief and don’t compensate for internal deficiencies. Many oral vitamins and supplements have a low absorption rate too while some can be harsh to the digestive system. An IV drip, on the contrary, is not just a faster method but provides an inside out glow too. By no means does this replace a good and healthy diet though.